Converge 2018 has a fantastic line up of speakers including industry experts in  Comic Art, Animation, Advertising, Fashion, Film and Design.  Don’t miss out on these exciting panel discussions.

Saturday 13 October, 2018


10:00am – 10:15am

Main Hall

Opening Statements

By Eugene Mapondera and Tinodiwa Zambe Makoni, Event Coordinators

Converge 2018 - Lets Begin!

Comexposed Converge 2018 brings together Digital Arts, Comic Books, Gaming, Design, Film, Cosplay, Drones and much more from the Zimbabwean Creative sphere creating room for fun, collaboration and knowledge sharing.


11:00am – 11:20am

Main Hall

Music in Film, Animation and Games

By Zion Black of Umuntu and Keith Kuhudzai of The Hub Creative Studio

Music carries the heart and soul of most productions but is often overlooked in locally.

Zion and Keith have over 10 years experience in music production collectively.  They have produced for artists and corporate entities alike and have accumulated some keen insights on producing audio that compliments the visuals creating synergiers for breathtaking productions.


11:30am – 11:50am

Main Hall

3D Animation in Zimbabwe

By Pious Nyenyewa, Animator at Alula Animation Studio

Professional 3D animator Pious takes us through his award winning animation work in Zimbabwe for clients such as Steward Bank, Lobels and Big Brother Chickens.

Pious Nyenyewa is an art director and senior Technical artist with a strong expertese in Direction for Animated commercials, and over 5 years of experience working in the advertising industry.


12:00pM – 12:20pm

Main hall

ComicUP round table

By Tinodiwa Zambe Makoni, Eugene Mapondera, Bill Masuku, James Mangwezi, Dananai Muwanigwa

Contributors to Zimbabwes best anthology comic book, ComicUP, talk about the highs and lows of creating comic books in Zimbabwe and Africa.

ComicUP has been running since the first Comexposed Convention in 2015 and aims to kickstart the publishing journey for comic creators buy giving them a platform and and audience to market their creations to.


12:30pM – 12:50pm

Main hall

Film production in Zimbabwe

By Munya Chidzonga of Ivory Pictures and Joe Njagu of Joe Njagu Films.

Munya and Joe talk about the highs and lows of the business of film making in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwes film industry is seems on the cusp of revival and a new dawn.  New and old creators are embracing the opportunities that lie ahead in the ever changing medium and finding a place for their uniquely Zimbabwean content.


13:00pM – 13:20pm

Main hall

Fashion in film

By Tendy Kumuskiri of Tendai neRudo, Ameera Murad Ameer of Kicking it with Mimi, Noreen Chenesai Mukora-Mangoma of Chenesai.

Fashion and film have always been strongly connected, without an appreciation of fashion, costume design and make up artistry much of the film would diminish in impact.

As well complished designers and fashion bloggers Tendy, Ameera and Noreen weigh in on the value and impact of fashion in film.


13:30pM – 13:50pm

Main hall

Innovative Advertising: The art of Memorable Ads

By Takudzwa Madzikanda of Adrenalin Advertising and Valerie Mandeya of Spidex Media

The British Council launches its new Multi Media initiative combining written poetry and animation.

As well complished designers and fashion bloggers Tendy, Ameera and Noreen weigh in on the value and impact of fashion in film.


14:00pM – 14:20pm

Main hall

African Animation: The real hustle.

By Rodney Masanga, Dream Box Animation

Dream Box Animation has been spearheading the charge towards quality children's programing in Zimbabwe, the journey has not been without it's challenges.

Rodney Masanga is the founder of Dream Box Animation Studio an independent production studio passionate about making animation, games and e-learning applications.


14:30pM – 14:50pm

Main hall

Design and Game Development.

By Vuyi Chaza, Visuals by Vuyi & FVDN

The Zimbabwean landscape for design and gaming is changing and there has been no time like now to get into either.

Vuyi is bad-ass business woman by day, and weirdo-nerd by night. In between acquiring some awesome (truly awesome) graphic design and digital media clients, she’s slaying Skyrim Dragur’s and having existential crises.


15:00pM – 15:20pm

Main hall

Cosplay Competition (Larping welcome)

By Eugene Mapondera

Lets see who will walk away with the Comexposed prize for best cosplay 2018

Cosplay: dress up as your favorite character from sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, T.V., movies from around the world.


15:30pM – 15:50pm

Main hall

Building Fantasy From Zimbabwe to Asgard

By Will Jaravaza

Over the last decade Major superhero blockbuster films have packed the cinemas but they have also boosted a growing CG and VFX industry.

Will Jaravaza had the opportunity to work on VFX for Marvel Studios’ Thor Ragnarok and also participated in Avengers Infinity War.  Will shares his experience creating fantastic worlds.


16:00pM – 16:20pm

Main hall

Working on Monsters

By Jonathan Symmonds

Lead Animator for The Game Of Thrones Dragons Jonathan Symmonds takes us through the paces of making believable creatures for fantasy productions.

Raised in Zimbabwe Jonathan now lives in Italy working for Pixomondo bringing to life the epic Game of Thrones dragons having worked on a host of creature animaton productions.


16:30pM – 17:50pm

Main hall

Comexposed Gaming Finals

By Comexposed Gaming

Finals for the Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat X Tournament

Walk away with cash prizes for being the to Fighting Gamer in Zimbabwe.


16:50pM – 17:00pm

Main hall

Closing Remarks

By Eugene Mapondera and Tinodiwa Zambe Makoni

We say goodbye till next time, last chance to get stuff and enjoy the music.

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