Comexposed will be having comic book day outside of Harare for the very first time in the great city of Bulawayo. Being well aware that comic book artists and fans are not located in one area alone, it has been long overdue for us to bring our events to the Zimbabwe geek culture outside of Harare and spread the global phenomenon of digital arts throughout Zimbabwe.






People in other towns have repeatedly expressed their desire to participate in Comexposed events but have expressed restrictions such as distance and accommodation that hindering their willingness to travel for these eye opening events. As a result information that could have been shared and connections that could have been made may have not happened and so too the growth we wish to see.

Considering all this, we have decided to take the Comic events to them that can’t always make it for the Harare events. To expose them to what has been happening and hopefully inspire and also see the talent they possess, and Bulawayo being the 2nd major city in Zimbabwe it will be hosting Comic Book Day 6.


The event will take place in July with plans underway but a date as well as the venue yet to be set. We are excited and looking forward to seeing talent, cosplay, gaming the Bulawayo way and thus taking a major step in the growth of the Zimbabwe comic book industry.

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