In the 22nd of April 2017 we held the 5th edition of Comic Book Day at the Zimbabwe German Society. It was an awesome day with exciting new releases and unveilings from relatively new and regular Comic Book Artists. James Magwenzi of DigiArt Comics released a double issue of Shark Finn Adventures part one and two, which is about extra-terrestrial aliens in Zimbabwe. It was his first double issue releases, an achievement he is very much proud of.

Another new release came from Arthur Manyenya and Kudzi Nyamurowa a brand new comic book called Lucid Racer, a comic about a boy who is able to control his dreams. The comic book was, published by Afro Tokyo.

Cross Caption Comix made an introduction of a new character Gamba-Nyika, whom the fandom is quite excited about. The comic book of this new Zimbabwean hero is to be later released this year.

Dananayi Muwanigwa  made his presents felt with some of his best digital paintings that were for sale, really awe inspiring work.

We also had merchandise, from Enigma Comics, they brought us some lovely Umzingeli and Razor Man T-Shirts that we surely make a worthy purchase. We had entertainment for music lovers, to add more life to the event, and the likes of Mr Rebel and Sasha, were quite entertaining for the crowd.


The cosplayers surely did not disappoint, with some Egyptian inspired cosplay and more.Comic Book Day was a success the attendance was amazing and great day for both the artists and attendees.

A few days after Comic Book Day at Hifa 2017, Comexposed participated with Treasure Media Zimbabwe at their Virtual Reality space, and had an opportunity to use the HTC Vive and create some virtual art.

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