Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often is the Comexposed Convention?

The Comexposed Convention happens annually either in April or August.

How frequent is Comic Book Day?

Comic Book Day happens 3-4 times a year usually every quarter.

Where does the Comexposed Convention happen?

The Comexposed Convention changes venue every year, we aim to grow and expand our offering every year meaning new locations to suit this.

How much does it cost to attend an event?

The Comexposed events range in price from $3 - $5 entry. Advance tickets can be purchased for the annual events.

Can Comexposed publish my comic?

Comexposed itself is not a publisher or publishing house.  The one product we publish is ComicUP which is more or a marketing tool for the industry. We encourage creators to reach out to the many publishers that attend Comexposed events to publish their works.

Can I buy local comics from Comexposed?

Comexposed does not retail any local comics, instead we offer an opportunity for local creatives to sell their products at our events.