About Us

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Our Approach

Comexposed Enables you to Discover African art. It is an industry hub, where media & entertainment artists can keep up with each other and find new inspiration every day and where publishers have the opportunity to get their works in the hands of their fans.

Comexposed is a platform to showcase the brilliant work of African comic and digital artists. Comexposed enables you to present your images, videos and comics in a professional way. Create your own portfolio website within Comexposed and be part of a global community of media & entertainment artists.

Comexposed Connects African digital artists to the wider industry fostering opportunity for collaborations, knowledge sharing, jobs and talent scouting.


Who Uses Comexposed

Creative Arts Professionals

Comexposed helps the creative arts industry connect to share content, create job opportunities, find talent and keep up with trends and developments within the industry. Artists in Publishing, Design, Film, Games, and Advertising can find base in Comexposed as a hub for all things creative.

Students and Aspiring Artists

Comexposed is the ideal platform for artists to kick start their careers and get discovered in the industry. The platform provides tools to showcase artists’ work, improve your skills and connect with opportunities.

Meet the Team

Comexposed was Founded by its two Directors in 2013 and started its mission with a humble facebook group designed to get the creatives talkin to eachother.  Since then it has grown to this website, Comexposed Convention YouTube Channel, Comic Book Day and Comexposed Convention.

Tinodiwa Zambe Makoni

Founder & Director

Founder of CCX Comics and creator of The Gift & GUNDOG Zimbabwe's first nationally distributed action comic book. Tinodiwa has over 10 years of experience as a character designer, illustrator and creative consultant.  He aims to one day pilot a giant robot.

Eugene Ramirez Mapondera

Founder & Director

Founder of Sigma Digital Studio and Euge_Media, Eugene has been a multimedia practitioner for over 10 years, he is the artist behind Zimbabwe's longest running sports comic book Hotshots. Eugene can Pentakill with his eyes closed.

Next Steps...

Get to know exactly how Comexposed is creating the Zimbabwe Comic Book Industry.